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Get a carton of the best-selling cherry filtered cigars from www.BuyLittleCigars.com!
A full carton of full flavor filtered cigars from some of the most popular brands on our shelves.
Not sure which brand of grape filtered cigars is to your taste? Get a sampler carton, and we'll send you 10 of our best-selling grape little cigars.
Whether you're just getting your feet wet when it comes to smoking light filtered cigars, or whether you're an experienced smoker looking to branch out and try new things, our light little cigars sample carton is for you.
A sampler carton packed with 10 of our best-selling menthol filtered cigars brands.
10 of our favorite peach flavored filtered cigars in a convenient sampler carton.
A carton of 10 of our favorite strawberry flavored filtered cigars. Try them all, and find a few favorites!
Our favorite 10 vanilla flavored brands of filtered cigars, together in a convenient sampler carton.

Little Cigars Sampler Cartons

With so many brands of Little Cigars available, how do you know which one to try? BuyLittleCigars has a terrific way to help: Little Cigars Sampler Cartons. Each of these Sampler Cartons contains ten packs of ten of the most popular brands BuyLittleCigars has to offer, grouped together by flavor, so that you do not have to commit to a brand you might not be very familiar with. These are also great when you prefer one flavor, but enjoy the subtle diversity the various brands have to offer.

Coming in eight of the most popular flavors available, including Full Flavor, Light, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Grape, Strawberry and Peach, these Sampler Cartons offer smokers only the best of the best with each one. So the next time you are tossed on what brand you would like to try next, Little Cigar Sampler Cartons are an easy way to take the guess work out of your decision and get the variety you are looking for. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer from BuyLittleCigars and order yours today!


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