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Super-smooth filtered cigars, with deep complex flavors and tones of cherry that round things out beautifully, especially on the aftertaste.
Take a draw on one of Nectar's Light Filtered Cigars, and the first thing you'll notice will be the smoothness, followed by warm tones of nuts and spices.
A warm wash of grape layers beautifully with the nuanced, quality tobacco in Nectar Filtered Cigars grape.
Nectar Filtered Cigars Menthol are profoundly smooth, with robust tobacco nuanced with hints of spices and nutty coffee, all balanced wonderfully with cool overtones of menthol.
Summery and smooth, fruity and dark. The bright taste of peace interlaced with warm nutty tobacco and exotic spices makes Nectar Filtered Cigars stand out from the crowd.
Nectar Full Flavor Filtered Cigars are an excellent buy for the money. The taste is full-bodied and complex, with hints of coffee and soft spices.
Aromatic and full-bodied, Nectar Filtered Cigars Robust are remarkably heavy smokes for being such little cigars (and for being so affordable).
Nectar Filtered Cigars Vanilla are a special achievement among flavored little cigars. The vanilla is warm and present throughout the draw, but never overwhelming.

Nectar Little Cigars

BuyLittleCigars know how crucial cost is when it comes to finding a cigar you can truly enjoy. Put simply, there is a delicate balance that needs to be met, and Nectar Cigars helps you to find that natural balance of quality verses price effortlessly.

Manufactured in New York by Sam, these Little Cigars have gained a rather large following not only because of their great value, but as a result of the wonderful flavor-packed tobacco blends used to create such masterpieces as well. Coming in a wide array of flavors, including Robust, Red (Full Flavor), Menthol, Gold (Light), Menthol Gold, Silver (Ultra-Light), Peach, Grape, Cherry, and Vanilla, Nectar Cigars are certain to have at least one flavor you will love. So when you are looking for a smooth, flavorful, and even burning cigar, you do not need to look any further than Nectar Cigars. Order yours today!


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