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OHM Filtered Cigars Blue are cured to be a little milder than their Red blend.
Smooth and mild OHM Little Cigars infused with luscious hints of fruity cherry. OHM little cigars are packed with their famous, quality loose tobacco.
OHM's mild tobacco in cool, menthol infused filtered cigars. While OHM little cigars are a fairly new product, the company has been crafting quality loose tobaccos for some time.
OHM Filtered Cigars Red are rolled with the company's strongest, most aromatic tobacco—the same blend they've been selling as a loose-leaf product for years, before branching into the little cigars market.
Mild, smooth and complex OHM filtered cigars, with hints of vanilla lacing the edges and aftertaste of each draw.

OHM Little Cigars

You should never have to sacrifice flavor and quality just because you are looking for a cigar that is reasonably priced, and you never will when you smoke OHM Cigars. Produced in Illinois by Inter-Continental, OHM Cigars are made from some of the finest flue-cured Virginia and air-cured Kentucky burley tobaccos available.

Whether you prefer the flavor of something completely natural or you would rather enjoy a natural smoke that has just a hint of your favorite sweet flavor, OHM Cigars has a variety for you. Regardless of your preference, Vanilla, Silver (Ultra-Light), Blue (Light), Red (Full Flavor), Cherry or Menthol, we are certain you will love the smooth, slow, even burn these babies have to offer. Don’t wait any longer! Make sure to order your OHM Cigars today!


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