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These Santa Fe Little Cigars are medium strength, smooth little cigars rolled with natural, robust tobacco.
Smokers love Santa Fe Little Cigars Grape, with a flavor that's noticeably full, but not overpoweringly sweet.
Mild, medium-bodied Santa Fe Little Cigars that smoke smooth and always satisfy.
Cool, refeshing menthol perfectly balanced with the mild tobacco Santa Fe Little Cigars have become famous for.
Smooth, mellow peach flavored Santa Fe Little Cigars, with a soft fruit flavor you'll taste on every puff.
The smell of strawberry is soft and mellow in these Santa Fe Little Cigars. It's present throughout the drag, but never overwhelms the taste of Santa Fe's mild tobacco.
Santa Fe Little Cigars Menthol are incredibly popular and have a loyal following. They're super-smooth, mild and minty.

Santa Fe Little Cigars

Indulging yourself in Little Cigars does not have to include an exhaustive search for a full-bodied, flavorful cigar that is still smooth and enjoyable. At least it’s not once you try Santa Fe Cigars by Swisher International. These Filtered Cigars are extraordinarily popular as a result of a beautifully crafted blend of tobaccos that are then enhanced to perfection with all of your favorite flavors.

Santa Fe Cigars offers fans just the right amount of varieties to prove they are not boring, but they do not need to add a long list of choices to please smokers either. These flavors include Original, Menthol, Mild, Mild Menthol, Grape, Strawberry and Grape, and all of them taste just as good as the one before it. So, the next time you want to try a new brand of Little Cigars, make sure you try Santa Fe Cigars. We know you’ll be glad you did.


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