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Delicious cherry filtered cigars from Smoker's Best, rolled with their famous tobacco.
Full flavored filtered cigars from Smoker's Best, with Philippine tobacco that has hints of chocolate and coffee in the smoke and the undertaste.
Smoker's Best exquisite and light filtered cigars, with excellent airflow and a delicate but nuanced flavor.
Smoker's Best Filtered Cigars Menthol have just a touch of mint lacing the edges of the draw and the aftertaste.

Smokers Best Little Cigars

Smokers Best Cigars by USA Tobacco are some of the most affordable cigars available on the market, but that does not mean they lack any of the quality that other, higher priced Little Cigars offer. These awesome Little Cigars are made from a distinctive blend of Philippine tobacco, which gives them a slight hint of coffee and chocolate behind every puff.

Coming in flavors that include Cherry, Full Flavor, Lights and Menthol, Smokers Best has your best interests in mind in regards to their flavor selection. So why keep waiting to try these wonderfully flavored and easy smoking Little Cigars? Make sure you order your Smokers Best Cigars today!


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