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Triple Crown Pipe Tobacco

First, Triple Crown provides an exceptional English blend of smooth, rich Black Cavendish, Latakia, and Oriental/Turkish ribbon cut tobacco that allows for an outstanding mellow smoking experience. So for all you new smokers out there, we’d say that Triple Crown is a perfect introduction to English blends. As for all you experienced smokers, well, you already know this to be true!

According to several people who prefer Triple Crown as their No.1 go-to brand, this tobacco is most enjoyed after a meal or with a hot coffee! Not to mention, it’s really affordable, and it lasts for a long time! Also, the roughly cut black Turkish gives it the balance needed to provide you with a slow-burning, long-lasting pleasure that’s smooth hitting until the last pull. Plus, it makes a great roll-you-own cigarette for times on the go! However, that all depends on your personal preference in taste.

Currently, we have a vast supply of Triple Crown in our inventory. In fact, we offer several flavors, including Gold, Red, Silver, Menthol, and of course Natural. On top of that, we also carry both 6oz and 16oz bags at the lowest prices online or in person! So don’t delay, get your bag(s) of Triple Crown today and save a few bucks for another day!


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