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Blunt Gold Smoke Slaughter 1oz Air Fresheners

Hands down; when it comes to Air Fresheners, Blunt Gold Smoke Slaughter lives up to its name! Indeed, all it takes is one squirt to eliminate all odors! So for everyone you know who doesn’t smoke, let them know that their company is valued. To do so, we totally recommend using Blunt Gold Smoke Slaughter Air Freshener, we guarantee they’ll appreciate it even more than you do! 

With this in mind, Blunt Gold Smoke Slaughter uses only natural concentrated oils in all their products. Therefore, you can expect a powerful delivery of scents that’ll slaughter through and destroy any forign smells in its path! Plus, oil-based oil fresheners kill smoke in less than a second. Not to mention, they last much longer than traditional water-based or cheap arasol brands. Also, it’s not dangerous to breathe, unlike some other popular odor eliminators out there. We won’t mention no names, we're pretty sure you know who we’re talking about! 

On that note, we now carry 1oz bottles that are perfectly sized to conceal in your pocket, jacket, bag, purse, in your car, or wherever else you want. In addition to that, we also have available a one of a kind 50-count display! Indeed, it features every scent from Baby Powder, Cool Water, Jamaican Fruit, Island Breeze, Rose Jasmine, Kush, New Car, and several others! Even better, when you purchase the Display Set, you’ll save almost $50 versus buying each one individually. 

Furthermore, we offer every customer FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over $199. With our 50-count display of Smoke Slaughter in you shopping cart, well, you’re already halfway there! So get yours today and kill the smoke with Blunt Gold, we guarantee you won’t regret it.