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Blunt Gold Air Scentso Candles

For everyone out there who’s not into air fresheners but still appreciates scented fragrances, we totally recommend giving Blunt Gold Air Scentso Candles a go! Indeed, these aromatic fresheners are suitable for anybody who doesn’t use scented sprays. 

Overall, Blunt Gold Air Scentso Candles are perfect smoke eliminators that are made from 100% all-natural waxes. Therefore, you can expect long-lasting aromas that’ll linger long after the flames die out. In fact, each Air Scentso Candle can burn approximately three days! Plus, Blunt Gold uses a unique enzyme formula combined with deep scent technology to effectively annihilate smoke, pet funk, and other household odors! 

With that said, we welcome you to our vast collection of Blunt Gold Air Scentso Candles. Currently, we offer fragrances in Cherry Vanilla, Citrus Sunshine, Hap Happy Breeze, Indigo Water, Kiwi, Mulberry Vanilla, Pure Spa, White Linen, among several others. 

Lastly, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders that equal $199 or more! So if you’re just shy of cracking the magic number that’ll instantly save you tons of cash, then we recommend tossing a couple of Air Scentso Candles in cart. With FREE SHIPPING included, these bad boys almost pay for themselves!