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Bugler Cigarette Tubes

Bugler Cigarette Tubes are a perfect addition to their tobacco when rolling your own cigarettes. Although, the versatility of this product means that even if you prefer a different tobacco blend, you can still use these Cigarette Tubes and enjoy all of the same perks. Each variety of these tubes, which include Original King Size, Menthol King Size, 100’s and Gold 100’s, provides you with a clean, even burning smoke each and every time.

Having one of the most iconic names in the tobacco industry is not such an easy feat, but comes easy for Bugler because of the high quality within all of the products they have offered since their beginning in 1932 and their Cigarette Tubes are no exception. When it’s time for you to order more supplies or you would simply like to try a different brand of Cigarette Tubes, make sure to get Bugler Cigarette Tubes. You are sure to love them!