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Good Times Flat Wraps

Hands down; Good Times Flat Wraps are one of the smoothest hitting blunt wraps on the market right now! Not to mention, in terms of quality and affordability, you simply won’t find a deal than this, unless you’re purchasing from BLC that is! 

Indeed, our low prices will allow you to instantly start saving as soon as your purchase is complete. But before you finalize your order, we recommend dropping down below to discover additional info on how you can save even more by taking advantage of our FREE-SHIPPING promo! 

All in all, Good Times Flat Wraps are deliciously fresh. In fact, they’ll have you feeling your best on your worst day! Made from quality tobacco leaves exclusively grown in the Dominican Republic, these cigar wraps will change your mood and have you enjoying the Good Times in no time Flat. 

As we mentioned above, we want to seal this deal by offering you a fantastic opportunity to maximize your savings. As you can see, our 25-count box deal on the Good Times Flat Wraps is already superior when it comes to putting extra cash in your pocket.

However, if your purchase exceeds $199, then we at BLC will shoot your package out on the house! That’s right; we guarantee FREE-SHIPPING on every order, no matter the size, if it’s over the required mark, we eat the fees!