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Grinds Coffee Pouches

Grinds Coffee Pouches are undoubtedly the best-selling non-tobacco product available here at Buy Little Cigars! So if you’ve been looking for an extra safe pick-me-up throughout your day, then we highly recommend giving Grinds a try!

Made with 100% premium, fresh ground coffee, each pouch contains about 50mg of caffeine! Plus, you’ll receive 18 pouches per can, which should be enough to get you through the work week, or longer!

Grinds Coffee Pouches come in several flavors, including black coffee, caramel, cherry, cinnamon roll, Irish cream, mocha, New Orleans style, peppermint, spearmint, vanilla, and wintergreen!

That said; there’s a flavor for every type of coffee drinker! Better yet, we carry all flavors and always adding more! Each case comes with 10 cans, so don’t be shy at checkout, pick up a few cans of your favorite flavors and prepare for the weeks ahead.

Lastly, Grinds Coffee Pouches are 100% tobacco and nicotine-free! Also, Grinds is gluten-free as well. No spitting is required as this brand is made from safe FDA approved ingredients. Available for nationwide shipping, so pick up a box today and let’s raise and grind!