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Smoker Friendly Cigarette Tubes

Rolling your own has never been so easy especially with the introduction of cigarettes tubes which does the work in half the amount of time! Machine-made cigarettes can sometimes end up being much too costly and can even lack flavor. Hand-rolled cigarettes on the other hand, have a certain uniqueness to them along with the attached sentiment of course! TCSC or The Cigarette Store Corp. is famous for its unique cigarette tubes that offer different flavors, sizes and all at affordable prices!

Smoker Friendly is TCSC’s very own exclusive brand which has released its own Smoker Friendly Tubes which have become widely popular! Although TCSC first started in California, USA in 1989, it is being sold all around the USA and right here at the best prices! Smoker Friendly Tubes are premium quality pre-rolled cigarette papers that have a filtered tip. They are easy to use and all you must do is fill them with your very own pipe tobacco which you can get from us as well! The tubes come in two sizes which is a regular size of 100mm (100’s) for a regular sized cigarette or a King size of 84 mm if you prefer to live larger than life! The papers also come in a variety of different flavors such as Regular which is a classic unflavored, Gold for a smoother smoke, and Menthol for a refreshing and cooling smoke! There are about 200 tubes in each box and the best part about it is that the boxes are great to use because they close right back up when you’re done!

Shop with us to get your hands on this amazing product that will change your life forever! There’s no harm in making your smoking sessions easier and fun, get your Smoker Friendly Tubes right here!