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Wild Hemp Wraps

Do you want to kick your smoking sessions up a notch? Wild Hemp Wraps can help you out! These fresh and slow-burning hemp wraps are full of flavor, tobacco-free, and ideal for smokers who want a cleaner, greener way to indulge. Made using only the finest natural hemp sourced in Colorado and Oregon, you can enjoy your cannabis guilt-free! Every bulk 80-count box even comes with filters included for wholesome and gentle hits.

Truly, you’ll love how great these wraps taste and how slowly they burn. You can flavor them with CBD or leave them be, they’re naturally free of THC, tobacco, CBD, and nicotine! This leads to a versatile solution for smokers who will settle for nothing but the best.

If that’s not enough to make you want to try Wild Hemp Wraps, then let us tell you about their various impressive flavors. Wild Hemp Wraps flavors include Natural, Sweetz, Purpz, Island Twist, Tropical Buzz, and Limeade! All of these hemp wrap flavors smell amazing when you open up a 4-count pouch and are crafted using only the highest-quality food-grade ingredients.

For smokers who want a pure and natural experience, try the delicate Natural flavor. It’s incredibly clean and lets you savor your terpenes in every puff. Then, there’s the smooth and crisp taste of Purpz which offers a mouth-watering aroma and hints of candy grape! Or, for those who want an out-of-this-world smoking session, the Limeade, Tropical Buzz, and Island Twist flavors are awesome! Island Twist tastes like fresh Pina Coladas while Tropical Buzz drips with real mango flavors. The Limeade flavor then scents and flavors your blunts with genuine citrus essences!

To try these slow-burning and smooth wholesome hemp wraps for yourself, you can now effortlessly order them right here! At Buy Little Cigars, we sell these wraps at unbeatable online prices. With fast direct shipping, you can get them discreetly delivered to your preferred address anywhere in America!