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Zippo Lighters

If you smoke cigars, cigarettes, or even use a pipe, Zippo lighters are a fantastic accessory to have on hand. Not only are these trusty lighters easy to use, but they're also reusable! Durable, stylish, and wind-resistant, you can't go wrong with having a premium Zippo lighter in your pocket. These lighters are also an iconic status symbol!

Since the 1930s, smokers have been trusting Zippo time and time again. In fact, every Zippo lighter comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. In over 85 years, no Zippo lighter has ever required mechanical repairs.

Moreover, many Zippo lighters have become collector's items over the years! So, if there is a unique design that you love, we recommend stocking up. Since we have some of the lowest prices around, this is a great place to shop for unique Zippos that are hard to find anywhere else.

From brass-brushed lighters to chrome variants, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention all of our MLB, NFL, and Nascar Zippos! Also, Zippo lighters can make fantastic gifts! With sports teams, solid brush designs, or unique engravings, there's a Zippo lighter for everyone to love!

On top of that, each Zippo lighter is easily refillable. Plus, we sell Zippo brand wicks and flints! So, you can get everything that you need right here. To make things even simpler, we are constantly updating our inventory. Therefore, if you can't find the exact lighter you're looking for, keep checking back or message us! Here at Buy Little Cigars, we want to become your number one discount smoking accessory shop.