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Avanti Anisette Cigars 10 5PKS
Avanti Anisette Cigars 10 5PKS
Avanti Anisette Cigars 10 5PKS

For more than 117 years, Avanti Cigars has been one of America’s favorite cigars; even Clint Eastwood couldn’t resist! Indeed, every time you saw him with a cigar hanging out of the side of his mouth, it was an Avanti. So in terms of quality and class, well, we think old Clint’s Seal of Approval speaks for itself, and if you smoke Avanti too, then we’re sure you agree with us as well.

Overall, Avanti Anisette Cigars are made from 100% All-Natural tobacco grown right here in the USA. Also, Avanti NEVER uses fillers, binders, or homogenized wrappers! So you’ve been in search of a quality cigar, then seek no further, Avanti is the answer and the solution! Not to mention, Avanti’s are easy on the wallet and suitable for any budget. So don’t settle for less, pick up your case of 10 packs today and let Avanti revive the cowboy within!

Natural Tobacco Leaf
Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
5 packs of 10
Carribean Basin
Avanti Cigar Company
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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