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Avanti Bourbon Cigars 10 5PKS
Avanti Bourbon Cigars 10 5PKS
Avanti Bourbon Cigars 10 5PKS

For nearly 120 years, Avanti has delivered on quality, taste, and affordability! In fact, before all the competition saturated the market, 75% of American cigar smokers preferred Avanti. Since then, not very much has changed in terms of the three attributes we mentioned above! However, they eventually did manufacture their now-famous Avanti Bourbon Cigars! 

Indeed, Avanti’s Bourbon Cigar is now one of America’s favorite sticks! Made from 100% All-Natural tobacco, Avanti NEVER uses binders or homogenized wrappers, like most of those other guys out there on the market. That’s right; they ONLY use premium hand-picked tobacco from Kentucky or Tennessee! Not to mention, Avanti Bourbon Cigars are fire-cured & smoked over hickory wood before being fermented for your pleasure! So don’t settle for less, scoop up our 10-pack case today, and enhance your smoking experience to the MAX, we guarantee you’ll thank us later! 

Avanti Cigar Company
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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