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Game Leaf Cigarillos Sweet 15 2pks
Game Leaf Cigarillos Sweet 15 2pks
Game Leaf Cigarillos Sweet 15 2pks

There’s no doubt about it; Game Leaf Cigarillos are more popularity by the day! Indeed, the exclusive line by Garcia y Vega is sweeping the market by a large margin! With several unique flavors to select from, such as Game Leaf Sweet Aromatic, you simply can’t choose wrong! 

All in all, Game Leaf Sweet Aromatic Cigarillos are superbly wrapped in an all-natural tobacco leaf, as they are crafted with sheer perfection! With this in mind, we wouldn’t recommend leaving without scooping up our 15-pack bundle box of Sweet Aromatic Game Leaf Cigarillos! However, one box might only last a day, so keep that in mind as you stock up on your supply!

Game Leaf
Garcia Y Vega
15 Packs of 2 Cigars

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Tamesha B on 05/20/2022

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