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Garcia Y Vega Miniatures 10 5 Pks
Garcia Y Vega Miniatures 10 5 Pks
Garcia Y Vega Miniatures 10 5 Pks

Without a doubt, the next greatest thing to a hand-rolled cigar is a Garcia y Vega Miniature! In terms of taste and aroma, these bad boys are about as close as it gets! Indeed, you wouldn’t believe that they’re a machine-made cigar, although they are! 

In addition to authentic flavors and fragrances, Garcia y Vega Miniatures are also budget-friendly! Indeed, just check out our 10-pack special, and you’ll see what we mean! Not to mention, GyV Minis are also rich in quality. In fact, they’re packed with premium, aged tobacco and superbly rolled to perfection using an all-natural wrapper. With this in mind, load up on your supply and win with big-savings!

Garcia Y Vega
Swedish Match
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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