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Garcia Y Vega Whiffs 10 5 Pks
Garcia Y Vega Whiffs 10 5 Pks
Garcia Y Vega Whiffs 10 5 Pks

Getting straight to the point, Garcia y Vega Whiffs are, without a doubt, the smoothest smoking cigar on the market. Indeed, they’re never overly vigorous or harsh, just as you’d expect. Plus, they boast inviting aromas that even a non-smoker can appreciate. In fact, whoever gets a Whiff of your stick will find its scent subtle and pleasing.

With that said, we absolutely recommend our 10-pack soecial of Garcia y Vega Whiffs. Not only do they smell good and taste great, but they’re also affordable and made from meticulously-aged tobacco leaves! So fill up on your supply of Garcia y Vega Whiffs today and save the day with big savings!

Garcia Y Vega
Swedish Match
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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Thomas W on 10/10/2020

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