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Parodi Cherry Vanilla 10 5pks
Parodi Cherry Vanilla 10 5pks
Parodi Cherry Vanilla 10 5pks

Made in Scranton, PA, Parodi Cherry Vanilla Cigars are superior in flavor and quality. Indeed, these bad boys are delicious and made from only premium grade tobacco from Tennessee and Kentucky. 

Overall, Parodi Cherry Vanilla stogies deliver a mellow, medium-bodied smoke! Not to mention, they’re crafted with precision, so you can expect every cigar to smoke smoothly and even. In fact, Parodi’s are famously known for their long-lasting burn that’ll provide you with satisfaction long after the final ash. With this in mind, we think our Parody Charry Vanilla 10-pack box display will bring you great benefit and savings! So scoop yours up today and make way for a whole lot of happy customers!

Parodi Cigar Corporation
Cherry Vanilla
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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