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Show Cigarillos BK Sweet 15 2pks
Show Cigarillos BK Sweet 15 2pks
Show Cigarillos BK Sweet 15 2pks

When you need an all-natural tasting cigar that’s packed with rich, authentic flavors, we totally suggest Show Cigarillos BK Sweets! Not only are they wonderfully delicious & tasty, but they’re also quite easy on the wallet, making them compatible on all budgets! 

Indeed, the Show's exclusive line of BK Cigarillos are affordable, and some would even say they give Backwoods a run for their money! Now that’s a pretty bold statement worth investigating if you ask us! But then again, the BK Sweets are made from premium Dominican tobacco! Not to mention, they use a perfect blend of vanilla & honey flavors, making the BK Sweets a win-win! So don’t delay, get your smoke on today and save with our 15 pack display!

Show Cigars Incorporated
15 Packs of 2 Cigars

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