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Show Cigarillos OG Kush 15 5pks
Show Cigarillos OG Kush 15 5pks
Show Cigarillos OG Kush 15 5pks

Show Cigars are famously known for their distinctive flavors such as, OG Kush. Not only do these bad boys taste like the real deal, but they also provide a medium-bodied smoke that’ll uplift your smoke life to new heights! 

All in all, Show Cigars & Cigarillos are a great buy! In fact, the company provides wholesalers and retailers the opportunity to offer these uniquely-flavored, machine-rolled cigarillos at a price that’ll instantly save you money as soon as you cash out. So pick up our 15 Pack Bundle of Show OG Kush today & Instantly Save! You can also SAVE MORE with our FREE SHIPPING PROMO, check it out now!

Show Cigars Incorporated
OG Kush
15 Packs of 5 Cigars

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Tamarah W on 02/05/2020

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