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Swisher Sweets Sweet Coronella 10 5 Packs
Swisher Sweets Sweet Coronella 10 5 Packs
Swisher Sweets Sweet Coronella 10 5 Packs

Made by Swisher International, Swisher Sweets Sweet Coronella Cigars are indeed sweet, delicious, affordable, and of course, made from quality-grade Caribbean Basin Cuban-seed & Honduran tobacco. Not to mention, they’re also another top-selling cigar from Swisher’s extensive line of Sweets. So if you’re looking a premium, budget-cigar that’s wrapped to perfection with an all-natural leaf, then seek no further than our one of a kind Swisher Sweets Sweet Coronella 10-pack bundle! Not only will you save an abundance of time & money, but you also won’t find a killer deal like this anywhere else on the market, especially at your local c-store or smoke shop. So get your Cornonellas today and enhance your overall smoking experience today!

10 Packs of 5 Cigars
Swisher Sweet
Swisher International

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Marvin D on 03/14/2023
Switched up from the Swisher Mini Cigarillos and was very pleased. Seemed fresher.

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