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White Owl Mini Cigarillos Sweet 15ct
White Owl Mini Cigarillos Sweet 15ct
White Owl Mini Cigarillos Sweet 15ct

If you enjoy a mild cigarillo that has just a hint of sweetness then you are going to love White Owl Mini Cigarillos Sweets. They are packed with the same great flavor of their full-size counterparts, but a just a bit thinner and shorter, which makes it easier to enjoy them whenever you want.

The Swedish Match Tobacco company, the American-based manufacturer of White Owl, has been in the tobacco industry since the late 1800s, providing smokers with a great tasting and affordable smoke for generations. Once you taste White Owl Mini Cigarillos Sweets you will understand why. So make sure to try them today!

White Owl Cigars
Swedish Match
15 Packs of 3 Cigars

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Top Customer Reviews

Rachel s on 06/18/2022
Great size

Marvin D on 01/17/2022
Barely sweet but neither are Swishers anymore. Still a good short smoke.

Gena A on 10/25/2020

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