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4 Aces Gold 16oz Pipe Tobacco
4 Aces Gold 16oz Pipe Tobacco
4 Aces Gold 16oz Pipe Tobacco


Proudly made by Republic Tobacco in Glenview, Illinois, 4 Aces Gold Pipe Tobacco is an all-American brand and flavor. Indeed, each 16oz bag comes packed with a rich blend of Burley and Virginia tobacco that’s both satisfying and delicious. 

All in all, 4 Aces Tobacco is superior in quality and taste. Not to mention, 4 Aces is an excellent choice if you’re a roll your own enthusiast like we are. When rolled, 4 Aces provides a non-aromatic, smooth tasting cigarette that will satisfy any traditional pipe smoker! So get a bag of 4 Aces Pipe Tobacco today and start smoking more responsibly!


Republic Tobacco
4 Aces
16oz (1lb) Bag

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