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Criss Cross Virginia Blend Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Criss Cross Virginia Blend Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Criss Cross Virginia Blend Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Criss Cross Virginia Blend Smooth is rich in flavor, slightly-aromatic, well-balanced, affordable, and of course, Smooth. Indeed, it’s not easy to find the perfect tobacco that features all of those attributes; however, Criss Cross Virginia Blend Smooth is in tune with all of the above! But then again, this is an all-American blend that features carefully selected Virginia and Burley tobacco leaves, making this brand and flavor one of the best available on the market today! Not to mention, our Mega 16oz bag packs enough tobacco (not shake) to roll at least 30 packs of smoked! Considering our 1lb bag cost less than twenty bucks, we think it would be foolish not to switch to Criss Cross Smooth! 

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Criss Cross
16oz (1lb) Bag

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Lee Ann R on 03/08/2022

Lee R on 01/03/2022

Christopher B on 04/20/2021
I love both products.You guy's are awesome. Only drawback was it took over 15day's for my order to arrive using free shipping via. USPS. Postal service has been extremely disappointing. But what you guy's have been doing, is awesome!! Keep up the great work!!

George E on 03/03/2021

Jeffrey R on 02/19/2021

Michael H on 02/15/2021

Tiffany S on 12/06/2020
Perfect! Just like I used to get in PA but a larger version of! Fast shipping.

Thomas B on 11/07/2020
Smoothest tobacco I have found

Gregory Z on 09/20/2020
Great product, quick shipping. Will do business again. Thanks.

Michael Q on 09/14/2020

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