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Buoy Full Flavor Red 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Buoy Full Flavor Red 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Buoy Full Flavor Red 6oz Pipe Tobacco

Manufactured in Kinston, North Carolina by Rouseco Inc. Buoy Full Flavor Red Pipe Tobacco is by far one of our best sellers, as it should be yours too! But if you’re new to rolling your own smokes, then you’re in for a real treat. Indeed, Buoy is affordable and comes in two convenient sizes, including our popular 6oz bag of Red Tobacco. In fact, our 6oz bag for slightly over five-bucks is enough to roll at least 200 full-sized cigarettes easily, that’s like getting a carton of smokes for the same price as a pack in some states. Not to mention, Buoy is made from 100% all-natural Burley, Virginia, and Turkish tobacco, giving it quality, balance, and a unique flavor! So get your 1lb bag of Buoy today and save!

Scandinavian Tobacco
Full Flavor
6oz Bag

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