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High Card Pipe Tobacco Mellow 5oz Bag
High Card Pipe Tobacco Mellow 5oz Bag
High Card Pipe Tobacco Mellow 5oz Bag

Made in the USA, High Card Mellow Pipe Tobacco is one of the brand’s best selling flavors. Not to mention, it’s one of ours as well. In fact, our exclusive 5oz bag is selling like crazy this year! But then again, High Card Mellow Pipe Tobacco prides itself on two essential things, quality and affordability. And by all means, High Card delivers on both features! In fact, you can score our 5oz bag for under five bucks! That’s enough to roll up roughly 200 cigarettes! So if you’re looking for an all-natural brand that’s economical and made from premium-grade Virginia and Burley, then seek no further than High Card Mellow Pipe Tobacco! Not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s also smooth, well-balanced, satisfying, and enjoyable to smoke! So switch to High Card now and save!

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High Card
5oz Bag

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