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Red River Cool Mint 6oz Bag
Red River Cool Mint 6oz Bag
Red River Cool Mint 6oz Bag

Red River Cool Mint by Texas’ one and only, Global Tobacco, is an all-American brand that offers a rich, smooth, blend of Burley, Virginia, and of course, Fresh Mint. So if you’re a Newport/ Kools kind of lover, but looking to part ways and actually save a few grand, then we recommend ditching those chemically infused, overpriced “so-called” name brands and switch to Red River Cool Mint right here, right now today! Indeed, our popular 6oz bag currently sells for five dollars and some change! Regarding savings, well, six ounces of Red River Tobacco is enough to roll 10 packs/ 1 carton for only FIVE BUCKS! Now we’ll let you do the math, then you’ll understand what we mean by “Saving Thousands”! 

Global Tobacco
Red River
6oz Bag

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