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Triple Crown Red 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Triple Crown Red 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Triple Crown Red 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Without question, Triple Crown Red Tobacco puts Marlboros to shame! In fact, what’s even more shameful than that is the fact that Marlboro rips its customers off by adding tons of harmful chemicals and pesticides in all its products! And then the states get involved and tax it to death, making your cigarettes more expensive than they are dangerous! Luckily, there’s a simple alternative to getting around this big ol’ mess! Indeed, when you switch to rolling your own smokes, you’ll instantly save hundreds of dollars in the first month, especially if you live in places such as New York City or anywhere else they charge over $10 a pack! That’s right; now you can order online and save time and money, regardless of where you live in the states!

Vam Tobacco Inc
Triple Crown
Full Flavor
16oz (1lb) Bag

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