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Al Capone Leaf Wrap Rum 12ct
Al Capone Leaf Wrap Rum 12ct
Al Capone Leaf Wrap Rum 12ct

Are you ready to take your next smoking session to new heights of flavor and quality? If so, these luxuriously smooth and delicious Al Capone Rum Leaf Wraps might be for you. Made with 100% genuine tobacco leaves and infused with authentic rum flavors, they’re the perfect vehicle to cradle your favorite tobacco or herbal products in.

Each premium wrap in this 12-count package implements the finest Brazilian tobacco leaves available. Plus, these authentic tobacco wraps offer a kick of all-natural nicotine to satisfy your cravings. Moreover, they’re easy to roll with, burn evenly, and hold together beautifully!

It’s easy to try these wraps for yourself. Simply order here and you’ll have them delivered directly to your preferred address! With fast nationwide service and unparalleled customer reviews, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to buy Al Capone Leaf Wraps! We even offer bulk shipping discounts on qualifying orders.

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