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Dr. Grabow Duke Pipe
Dr. Grabow Duke Pipe
Dr. Grabow Duke Pipe

Without question, the Duke Pipe is the Best-Selling among Dr. Grabow’s Pipe Collection. So if you’re the kind of smoker who enjoys a smaller sized bowl, then you’re really going to love the Duke! As for the seasoned smoker, well, you already know the deal. 

But if you’re new to pipe smoking, then we at Buy Little Cigars totally recommend a Duke Pipe to start with. Not only because we want you to have an exceptional smoking experience, but we also want you to enjoy it just as much. And let us tell you, there’s nothing worse than smoking Grade A tobacco from a pipe not made of quality materials. So to eliminate any disappointment, we suggest the Duke for ultimate satisfaction. 

In addition to that, this Tobacco Pipe has a Deep Cherry Finish and sports a stylish design that says you’re a man of Class! With that said, if it’s not Dr. Grabow, then it’s not worth your time or your hard earned money! So save on both

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