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Dr. Grabow Full Bent Pipe
Dr. Grabow Full Bent Pipe
Dr. Grabow Full Bent Pipe

Without question, the Full Bent Tobacco Pipe is one of mans favorite pipes to smoke from. In fact, it was from that popularity that Dr. Grabow decided to create a long line of Full Bent Pipes. Since then, they have become a Hot-Seller and continue to be until this very day. And not just among mature smokers either, but amongst young pipe smoking enthusiasts as well. 

All in all, the Full Bent Tobacco Pipe is genuinely sophisticated and reveals class. Plus, it’s light-weight, well balanced, easy to clean, and it looks good too! Most importantly, it draws well, and the bowl stays cool from start to finish. Also, the Full Bent Pipe has the potential to bring out the flavors in tobacco, which goes to prove that Dr. Grabow’s Tobacco Pipes are made with quality. Not that the facts need to be determined, although the truth is always worth throwing out there. However, you don't have to take it from us, just ask anyone you know who smokes a pipe, and they’ll te

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