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Dr. Grabow Golden Duke Texured Pipe
Dr. Grabow Golden Duke Texured Pipe
Dr. Grabow Golden Duke Texured Pipe

To begin with, the Grabow Golden Duke Pipe hits like a champ! Not only does it impress older smokers, but it’s also quite popular amongst those who are new to pipe smoking. In fact, the Golden Duke is usually the go-to starter pipe for many new smokers. And come to find out, most people who begin with a Golden Duke, never feel the need or desire to ever switch to another pipe! 

Overall, the Golden Duke Pipe is made of rustic Mediterranian briar and has a stylish appearance that has the ability to turn heads! Indeed, it’s manly, yet classy at the same time. Also, it has a slightly larger bowl than most pipes, allowing you to enjoy a longer burning bowl pack than normal. Plus, it’s well balanced and smooth hitting. Not to mention, it’s very economical, so it’s easy on the wallet. 

Made of High-Quality materials, the Golden Duke can withstand the test of time and fire! So if you’re looking for a reliable pipe made with excep

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