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Powermatic 5 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine
Powermatic 5 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine
Powermatic 5 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine

Discover the pinnacle of RYO technology with the Powermatic 5, the latest flagship model from the trusted Powermatic brand. This electric cigarette machine is engineered for peak performance, combining a sleek design with revolutionary technology to deliver an unparalleled user experience. The P5 is your all-in-one solution for crafting perfect cigarettes with ease and precision.

Top Features:
  • Superior Automated Tube Loading System: This system has been fine-tuned to minimize effort significantly, specifically adapted for optimal use with King Size Tubes.
  • Revolutionary RYO Cigarette Machine: Enhanced to work seamlessly with a wider variety of tobacco brands, this feature precisely cuts and prepares the tobacco to ideal injection standards.
  • Advanced Compression Technology: Features a sophisticated Three Fingers Compression Pusher that ensures consistent tobacco distribution and density, closely matching the quality of commercially manufactured cigarettes.
  • Large Capacity Tube Container: Designed with an increased capacity and a refined alignment system, this feature ensures efficient operation through each cycle, complemented by an advanced vibrating system.
  • State-of-the-Art Interface: Equipped with a modern display, the interface allows users to easily select their desired tobacco density and keep track of production with a detailed counter.
  • Efficient Production Speed: Capable of producing 20 class-A cigarettes in just three minutes, the machine combines speed with efficiency, setting a new standard in convenience.

The Powermatic 5 supports both automatic and manual loading for 100mm and king-size tubes, adding a layer of versatility to its robust functionality. A precision sensor checks the placement of each tube, virtually eliminating the risk of operational errors and material wastage. Ideal for personal use or as part of a small-scale production setup, the Powermatic 5 redefines excellence in homemade cigarette production, delivering consistent, high-quality outcomes swiftly and reliably.

Expected Ship Date: End of May 2024

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