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Top O Matic Cigarette Making Machine
Top O Matic Cigarette Making Machine
Top O Matic Cigarette Making Machine

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M D on 10/07/2023
Have used this machine for several years and find it quite reliable. There are a few potential issues: The extruder arm (little piece with teeth that actually shoves the tobacco into the tube) tends to pinch up with use and occasionally needs to be opened back up with a screwdriver. Also the tiny rubber tip on the extrusion mechanism is easily lost if you're not careful. Finally, the extrusion process is VERY sensitive to the cut, moisture, and amount of tobacco loaded into it, so it requires a bit of trial and error until you get it right. Otherwise, this is a solid machine that has served us well for several years. It's priced a bit high, but it doesn't disappoint.

victor n on 01/21/2023
so easy to use and little time consuming

Tania Z on 04/29/2020

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