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Royal Blunts Hemparillo Rillo Mango Haze 15 4pks
Royal Blunts Hemparillo Rillo Mango Haze 15 4pks
Royal Blunts Hemparillo Rillo Mango Haze 15 4pks

Straight out of Cali, Royal Blunts Hemparillos are becoming America’s #1 go-to blunt wraps! Indeed, these bad boys are packed with organic flavors that’ll enhance your senses to the max! 

In fact, Hemparillos are 100% all-natural, pure hemp blunt wraps! That’s right; you won’t find one trace of tobacco in a Hemparillo! So if you’re into keeping your green clean, then we totally recommend wrapping it up with Rillo Mango Haze blunt wrap! Not only do they taste better than standard cigarillos, but they’re also a lot healthier to consume! 

Taking all these power points into consideration, it just doesn’t make sense not to switch! After all, this is what “Going Green” is all about! With this in mind, pick up your supply of Mango Haze today and start smoking more responsibly!

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Byron B on 04/18/2020
I never received my order

Kristen S on 04/18/2020
Got my merchandise quick and fast!

Erika H on 04/14/2020

Carol S on 04/14/2020

Crawford G on 03/16/2020

Melissa C on 11/23/2019
easy to roll and large enough wrap to moderate the blunt size.

CHRISTOPHER H on 05/11/2019
Brings me back to the old days u cant get wet mango wraps in Massachusetts anymore but these were the bomb diggity

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