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True Hemp Wraps Honey 25 Packs of 2
True Hemp Wraps Honey 25 Packs of 2
True Hemp Wraps Honey 25 Packs of 2

If you want to sweeten your next smoking session, True Hemp Honey Wraps might just be for you. Made of organic hemp and infused with the sweet natural flavors of pure honey, these wraps burn smoothly and slowly. Moreover, they’re free of nicotine, additives, and GMOs!

The True Hemp company makes some of the most high-quality wraps available at affordable prices than anyone can access. So, you can puff with peace of mind knowing that you’ve got some of the best blunts around. These wraps are then sold in large 25 count boxes containing 2-pack foil pouches. That way, every single wrap stays fresh and crisp.

Plus, these pouches are ideal for smokers on-the-go. Since pure hemp produces minimal ash, you’ll also enjoy a cleaner and more discreet toke up. Overall, these are some of the best wraps for smokers seeking a better experience with hints of slight natural honey goodness!

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