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True Hemp Wraps

Smooth, slow-burning, and delightfully delicious, True Hemp Wraps are an all-new smoking solution that's been sweeping the market! Now, with these natural hemp wraps, you can roll the perfect blunt with total peace of mind. True Hemp Wraps are completely free of tobacco, GMOs, additives, tar, tobacco, and nicotine! As such, you’ll get access to a cleaner and greener way to kick back and enjoy your herb.

Recently, selective stoners across America have made True Hemp Wraps popular nationwide! Although the True Hemp Company first only catered to California area smokers, now, they’re selling their wraps all over the place! Likely, these wraps are so popular because they’re made with premium hemp that yields a velvety and comfortable smoke.

Also, True Hemp Wraps come in an array of flavors. True Hemp Banana Wraps, for instance, produce velvety smoke and taste wonderfully rich and indulgent. These wraps taste of banana candy and will transport your taste buds to heaven in each hit! Then, True Hemp Mango Wraps are smooth and juicy with mouth-watering essences of real ripe mangoes! Other flavor infusions include Russian Cream, Honey, and Sticky Gelato! For the purists out there, there’s even a Flav R Less variant available.

True Hemp Wraps are also very convenient to use. Since hemp holds its form easily, they’re great for rolling tight even-burning blunts. Also, True Hemp Wraps come in convenient resealable two-packs. This makes them easy to carry anywhere! These wraps also produce minimal ash, so they’re discreet. Also, the resealable pouches keep each wrap fresh and ready to roll with at your own pace.

If you’re ready to try these superior hemp wraps for yourself, you’re in the right place. Not only do we sell hard-to-find True Hemp Wraps flavors, but we also offer impressive discounts and fast nationwide shipping! That means you can skip the trip to the smoke shop and save yourself a lot of hassle. On top of that, we have great customer reviews and a massive selection of smoking products and accessories!