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Dutch Masters Cigars

It goes without saying; however, we’ll say it anyway, Dutch Masters is unquestionably America’s number one preferred cigar! Not to mention, they’ve been a Hot-Seller for well over 100 years! But then again, Dutch Masters are known for quality and smoothness. Plus, their sophisticated flavors make them irresistible! Not only that, but they burn slow and put off a very relaxing mild aroma that even a non-smoker can appreciate!

Here at Buy Little Cigars, we’re incredibly proud to offer you a wide variety of Dutch Masters including Cigarillos, Corona Deluxe, Palma, President, and 50ct box sets! Produced in Puerto Rico and crafted by the Masters at Altadis USA, Dutches are by far the best machine-made cigar available in America! However, this is only our opinion, but the truth is, the Dutch Masters brand generates more than $42 Million a year! So that alone confirms our view and pretty much makes it a fact at the same time!

All in all, there’s a simple explanation behind all the success of the Dutch Masters brand. In fact, it’s pretty straight forward; they only use quality aged tobacco and unique mild flavors! So if you’re looking to set the mood, just fire up a Dutch and let destiny do the rest.