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Dutch Cigarillos Java Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Java Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Java Fusion

Do you love coffee? If yes, then you’re absolutely going to love Java Fusion Cigarillos by Dutch Masters! Indeed, these sticks consist of premium coffee and rich chocolate flavors that’ll enhance any man’s cup of coffee! 

First & foremost, Dutch Masters are made from earthly Cuban-seed filler and wrapped to perfection with an all-natural Java wrapper that provides a smooth overall smoking experience. So before you settle for anything else, make sure you do your research! Many manufacturers try to imitate the Java experience, but none of them actually get it right as Dutch Masters managed to do. With this thought in mind, we totally recommend our Java Fusion 30ct display box for ultimate satisfaction and savings!

Dutch Master
ITG Brands LLC
Java Fusion
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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