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Optimo Cigarillos

For more than 120 years, Optimo Cigarillos have captivated the taste buds of millions across the globe. Proudly made in Jacksonville, Florida, Optimos are famously known for their satisfying taste and mellow aroma. Not to mention, Optimos are a Swisher brand, so in terms of quality and freshness, you already know, choosing an Optimo by Swisher is a win-win, hands down.

Overall, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of brands of cigars and cigarillos out there. But when it comes to Optimos, they’re a household name brand that the old man swears by! Indeed, Optimos are made from only top-quality, high-grade tobacco and wrapped in a prime, all-natural leaf. In addition to that, the burn slow and release a mellow aroma that can even be appreciated by the non-smoker! So if you’ve been in search of the perfect cigar that delivers a satisfying smoking experience every time, then seek no further, the Optimo Cigarillo is everything you’ve been looking for and much more!

Now before you cash out, make sure you check out our excellent selection of Optimo Cigarillos! We offer several flavors that’ll suit any cigar smokers taste buds! That’s right; we have Optimo Blue, Cream, Diamond, Mango, Silver, Sweets, and of course, Green Leaf. So whatever your heart desires, Buy Little Cigars has you covered 24/7.