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Half and Half Pipe Tobacco

Manufactured in the US by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, we’re incredibly proud to present you with, Half and Half Pipe Tobacco! Made with flavorsome Burley and Virginia tobaccos, this brand has been at the end of man’s pipe for ages! Now that we’re well off into the 21st century, Half and Half continues to thrive as one of man’s favorite brands!

Satisfying to the core, Half and Half Pipe Tobacco is always cut evenly, guaranteeing a consistent slow burn from start to finish! In addition to that, Half and Half provides a mellow, medium-bodied smoke that’s slightly mild, yet smooth and sweet. Indeed, you’ll know right away from the first taste, that this brand is a win-win in terms of quality and affordability. That’s right, not only is Half and Half a premium grade tobacco, but it’s also light on the wallet as well.

But then again, this is what we do for a living at Buy Little Cigars! In fact, we separate ourselves from trash tobacco brands by selecting only the most excellent tobacco products on the market. Plus, we always make sure the price is right! With this in mind, scoop up your supply today, and tomorrow let us know how much you enjoyed it. Go ahead take your time; we’ll wait…


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