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Manufacturer : Scandinavian Tobacco
Brand : Paladin
Blend : Cherry
Packaging : 12oz Can

Paladin Pipe Tobacco

First and foremost, Buy Little Cigars knows good tobacco when we taste it, and by far, Paladin Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco comes in at the top of our list as being one of the richest, most flavorful tobaccos we offer! So if you’ve been in search of an Aromatic Black Cherry flavor to enjoy in your pipe at the end of the night, then seek no further than here!

As expected, Paladin Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco by Lane Limited provides a smooth, satisfying smoking experience every time! But then again, it does consist of a blend of loose cut Virginia and Burley tobaccos. Which, in return, delivers a smooth, aromatic smoke spiked with a rich black cherry aroma that even a non-smoker can appreciate!

Overall, this exceptional brand by Lane Limited provides a delightful, mild-medium bodied smoking experience that’s both delicious and rewarding at the same time! So for your convenience, we made sure to always keep a fresh supply of Paladin Black Cherry in 12 oz cans, and of course, a Box of 12/1.5 oz Packs to take with you on the go!  



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