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Manufacturer : John Middleton Company
Brand : Prince Albert
Blend : Full Flavor
Packaging : 14oz Can

Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco

To get straight to it, Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco is an All-American tobacco brand owned and manufactured by John Middleton Inc. Therefore, you know it’s 100% Made in the USA. Not to mention, it’s been at the end of man’s pipe since 1907! So in terms of credibility, they have over 100 years of it, and counting!

So when it comes to withstanding the test of time, this brand has done precisely that. On that note, it’s our pleasure to carry on the legacy by offering YOU Prince Albert tobacco! However, a lot has taken place over the last century. Nowadays, we have the convenience of the internet to bring the world to our doorsteps.

So thanks to modern technology, we’re now able to bring Buy Little Cigars directly to YOU! Better yet, we provide a service that’ll deliver at a fraction of the cost you’re used to. In fact, we carry Prince Albert at a price no other supplier can compete with, online or in person! Not only do we sell this brand for the low, but we also have a sweet Free Shipping Promo as well. Plus, we save you tons of cash on gas money!

All in all, Prince Albert has been blessed with both popularity and old age! As a result, they now have a reputation to uphold, and by all means, they take that seriously! So remember these facts the next time you come across this brand, like this time, for instance.

We now carry Prince Albert in Original and of course everyone’s favorite, Cherry Vanilla! Which, also consist of Burley and a juicy blend of professionally cured Black Cavendish and Virginia tobacco! Plus, we have the 14 oz can and a Box of 6/1.5 oz Packs for your convenience at home or on the go!  


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