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Red Cap Pipe Tobacco

Made in the USA by National Tobacco, Red Cap Pipe Tobacco continues to gain popularity among newer and experienced smokers alike. But again, all you have to do is smell it, and you’ll be drawn in! Indeed, Red Cap is highly aromatic; even non-smokers find it pleasant to be around.

As for the smoker, well, we think you’re going to love how Red Cap blends Burley and Virginia to create the best medium-body smoking experience! Not to mention, National Tobacco skillfully air-cures their products, which allows for a smooth smoke from the first strike! Plus, this strategy enables Red Cap tobacco to burn for a long time, giving you a long-lasting satisfaction every time you ignite your pipe! At the same time, you can roll this tobacco up and smoke it on the go! That’s right, pipe smokers value Red Cap because they can enjoy the same great tasting tobacco either way, so the timing is always right!

In addition to superior quality and flavor, Red Cap also ranks high in affordability! In fact, we offer 6 oz and 16 oz bags of Cool Mint, Original, and Smooth at the lowest prices online or in person! So before you check out, make sure to fill up on a few bags of Red Cap, after that, we guarantee you’ll never look at another pack!


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