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Manufacturer : Scandinavian Tobacco
Brand : Sir Walter Raleigh
Blend : Full Flavor
Packaging : 6 - 1.5oz Pouches

Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco

After nearly 100 years of success, Sir Walter Raleigh continues to win over pipe smokers one generation at a time! But then again, this traditional blend of Burley comes straight out of Kentucky!

So in terms of Quality, Freshness, Flavor, and Affordability, you’ll Never find a better class of tobacco! So if you really love your current brand, then we highly recommend that you stay far away from Sir Walter Raleigh! Not because we don’t want you to try it, but once you do, we know you’ll look at your old brand the same again!

However, we do advise, this isn’t a wimpy blend of tobacco, so if you don’t enjoy a strong flavor of rich Burley, then this might not be for you. But if you do appreciate an all-body smoking experience, then we totally recommend this product.

With hints of Anise and Molasses mixed in with the Burley, Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco really hit home in terms of flavor! Plus, whoever’s in the vicinity of your smoke will also appreciate the pleasant aroma this premium tobacco puts off.

As smokers ourselves, we simply couldn’t resist it once smelling it for the first time! Indeed, it was so inviting and tempting; we just couldn’t say no! Afterwards, we knew right away that we had to share this brand with the world!

Since then, we haven’t gone a single day without a fresh supply of Sir Walter Raleigh to offer you. Currently, we have Regular Flavor in the 14oz cans and a sweet Box Deal of 6/1.5oz Packs! Also, we have the 14oz cans of Aromatic flavor as well. So before you check out, make sure to add a few cans of Sir Walter Raleigh to your order, we guarantee you won’t regret it.


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