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Talon Pipe Tobacco

Proudly made in the USA by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Talon is by far one of the most appreciated tobacco products on the market. According to the Manufactures, they only use premium blends of Virginia and Burley tobacco. As a result, it tastes really good and it puts off a pleasing aroma that even non-smokers can enjoy!

Also, Talon pipe tobacco is always cut thin and evenly, allowing it to burn slow and consistently. So for all you loyal pipe smokers out there, this tobacco is also excellent when rolled into a cigarette! Therefore, Talon is perfect for times on the go when there’s no time for the pipe! Not to mention, Talon comes in 9oz pouches that are resealable, keeping your tobacco fresh until the last pinch!

In addition to quality, taste, and size, Talon is also sold at Buy Little Cigars at the best prices in person or online! So if you’re looking to sock some cash away, then purchase your supply of Talon tobacco today!

But, before you check out, make sure slide over to our Smoking Accessories section and peep our rich collection of Cigarette Tubes, Rolling Papers, and Tobacco Pipes! After that, you should be straight, unless your order is just shy of the $199! Once you pass that mark, shipping is free! So keep that in mind before checking out!


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