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Tin Star Pipe Tobacco

Without a doubt, Tin Star Pipe Tobacco by Republic is another exceptional brand that both pipe and cigarette smokers enjoy. So if you’ve been in search of rich, flavorful tobacco that’s satisfying to the last pull, then you’re in luck because we always keep a fresh supply of Tin Star on standby! But then again, it’s always in demand, which that alone speaks louder than words!

As usual, we carry Tin Star tobacco in Gold, Menthol, and of course Regular flavors. So whatever your heart desires, Buy Little Cigars has the remedy! Also, we sell 3oz and 8oz pouches that are conveniently packaged so you can easily stash your pack out of sight!

At the same time, Tin Star makes for a great Roll-Your-Own cigarette! So if you’re like most pipe tobacco smokers, then you already know that timing is everything. But what about those times when you’re on the fly, and nothing sounds better than your pipe? Well, that’s where Tin Star comes into play!

Indeed, all you’ll need to do is pick up some RYO Tubes or Rolling Papers from our Smoking Accessories section of the store, and you’ll be all set to go! Now if you ask us, we’d say that it gets no better than that! Not only is Tin Star more affordable than buying standard packs of cigarettes, but it’s also more enjoyable! Especially, for he who loves his pipe tobacco, but doesn’t always have the time for it.


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