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Manufacturer : Seneca Manufacturing
Brand : Warrior
Blend : Full Flavor
Packaging : 16oz (1lb) Bag

Warrior Pipe Tobacco

As a bonus offer, we’re proud to present to you Warrior Pipe Tobacco! Indeed, this isn’t an easy find offline. However, at Buy Little Cigars, we solve that dilemma by providing you with the most exceptional Native American premium blend of tobacco known to man on both sides of the Mississippi. So if you’ve been in search for a smooth, genuine, all-natural tobacco that’s perfect in the pipe or rolled up into a cigarette, then seek no further, Warrior Pipe is the answer!

When it comes to imagery, we understand that looks can sometimes be deceiving! But when it comes to Warriors Pipe Tobacco, their iconic logo represents everything that you’ll discover on the inside as well! Indeed, this brand is committed to excellence, strength, and boldness, just as the Warrior on the outside portrays!

That’s right; Warrior is intensely vibrant, yet distinctive and striking in flavor! Not to mention, this superior blend of tobacco is perfect for cigarette smoking as well. So if you can’t reach your pipe because the timing isn’t right, then step aside and fire up a Warrior with pride! Afterwards, you can enjoy a long-lasting satisfaction that’ll likely carry you over until it’s time to unwind for the night with your good old pipe!


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